Albemarle ARES® operates a Nextcloud server to support collaboration among its members. Nextcloud is an open source system that combines the features of tools such as Skype and Dropbox into an integrated environment. Although it is available over the Internet during normal operations, the Albemarle ARES® Nextcloud server does not depend on Internet access or Internet resources for operation. It is available over the CVADN Mesh network at all times.

Your connection to Albemarle ARES® Nextcloud is encrypted (HTTPS) when you connect to it over the Internet, but when you connect over CVADN your connection is unencrypted (HTTP) to comply with amateur radio regulations. Because modern Web browsers restrict use of your microphone and camera to encrypted connections, if you want to use Nextcloud Talk for audio and/or video conferencing over CVADN you must use the Chrome browser and set the unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure flag to “Enabled”. (To access flags in Chrome, enter “chrome://flags” in the URL/address box.)