Albemarle AUXCOMM MemberExtension
Dave K4DND2100
Dave K4UEK2175
Steve KA4FOX2160
John KK4JP2150
Joe KO8V2140
Mike KQ9P2225
Greg N4PGS2120
W4UVA shack2900
IAN01 network go-box2901
Unified Command Post (UCP)7100
Emergency Communications Center (ECC)7150
Location- and function-based extensions do not accept voicemail.
Date and Time*9172
Tone Stream*9198
Call your voicemail from your extension*97
Call direct to someone else’s voicemail*99[extension] (i.e., *992225)

Note that not all members or locations will have active telephones connected to the CVADN mesh at any given time. You should be given the opportunity to leave voicemail if the member is offline or doesn’t answer.